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Sigma Sonics


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We are a group of experienced sound engineers specialised in sound for Film & Media, based in London, UK. Our team is committed to ensure that your project, your story, your message, is greatly enhanced by impactful, crisp & clear audio.


  • Music Editing


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Qin Shi
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Emmanuel Afram


Peter Tyrrell, UK


Completely incredible team.


First theres Thanos who we worked with.


Really captured every scene very well and definitely knows what he is doing.


He was even attentive in other areas of the sets, spotting shadows we hadn't noticed and much more.


Post production was brilliant too. 


Some extra foley sounds needed were attained by Qin.


We sent them the sound file and when we got it back it was next level and increased the production value so so much.


We met Alex once but completely certain he is also amazing too.


Cannot wait to be working with this team for ALL my forthcoming films.

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